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The world is filled with parties, but none can compare to a true Carnival Fete! It was born in the Caribbean and its unique blend of music, dancing, rum, food, and culture has spread across the world to create an experience that is unparalleled. Carnival is a time to let loose and enjoy the celebration of life, love, and freedom. It's a Caribbean melting pot that causes a cultural explosion and life long memories

We're all Caribbean when it comes to Fete!

You must immerse yourself in the Caribbean culture in order to truly experience what Carnival is. From the music and new dances to the food and endless drinks. The Everyday Carnival experience is as unique as the Countries and islands' that they were originated in.

Here at Everyday Carnival we want you to experience this for yourself. We provide event dates, deadlines and information that will keep you up to date on what Carnival has to offer all across the globe. We're here to help you join in on the fun. Subscribe to get all the information that you need to Follow the Fete! 

"Follow The Fete!"